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Born and largely raised in Canada, Andy has also lived in other parts of the world. He is a Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and a graduate of both the University of Western Ontario (MA) and Trent University (BA, Honors). Andy considers himself to be a ‘jack of all trades,’ and currently resides with his family in Whitby, Ontario. A believer in restoration, he can often be found tinkering on some old cars in the garage. As a former plumber’s assistant and history teacher, who is well-versed in enterprise-wide risk management, he also knew where to look for “what’s wrong” with the faulty structures behind the façade of ailing institutions worldwide!

Imagination is more important than knowledge!

“Albert Einstein emphasized the global importance of imagination this way during a 1929 interview with a Post reporter: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.’ “

“Imagine, if you can recapture that youthful quality so open to new ideas and the art of the possible, that people also wish to make good and informed decisions that can improve the quality of their loved ones’ lives, the quality of circumstances and conditions within their respective countries. Imagine such people calling for a better designed government like that of Canada’s, if we demand our legislature be built to succeed rather than fail. Imagine highly informed and motivated MPs, or whatever their Democratic counterparts are labelled around the world, making the right decisions. Imagine them doing so in a transparent way such that their decisions are truly credible in the eyes of those they govern. Imagine such decisions being made around the world, encircling it as Einstein may have put it. Imagine the results of well-informed decision-making, the prioritizing of problems to be solved, reflective of the platform a political party ran on, which in turn was reflective of issues that a truly informed electorate cared about. Why can it not be so?

Imagine politics, not so much the art of decision-making but also the science of decision-making. Imagine risk-based government institutions working for the people and transforming democracies around the world. Imagine Canada leading a movement that pursues Democratic Restructuralism, leading by example. And if we let our imagination soar to the heavens, backed by the solid results achieved in mending our flag, fixing our own backyard so to speak, can we not heal the world while other nations do the same, and we all then turn toward finding solutions to common global problems? This pursuit should be the primary concern of humanity. It must be the main focus of fathers and mothers and anyone who nurtures the future.” (p. 428-9, Mending the Flag © Feb. 28, 2019)

If my message falls on deaf ears, the heavens will make it heard through world events.


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