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Born and largely raised in Canada, Andy has also lived in other parts of the world. He is a graduate of both the University of Western Ontario and Trent University and considers himself to be a ‘jack of all trades.’ Andy currently resides with his family in Whitby, Ontario. A believer in restoration, he can often be found tinkering on some old cars in the garage.

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The Three Problems Identified by the Author!

“Here is the crux of all the problems we face collectively as human beings. Whether those problems entail financial calamities, unemployment, poor access to healthcare, environmental degradation and climate change, and so on, the key issue is the same. Our leaders here in Canada and around the world have failed to build democratic institutions and structures that effectively serve citizens responsibly. All of the problems confronting us are merely symptoms of the key issue that remains unaddressed: broken democracies do not work for people. There has been a great abdication of responsibility by government leaders everywhere. So, things do not work entirely right. The financial crisis that occurred, and the ramifications of it that persist, together form just one indicator of poor government…”

“It all boils down to three key problems:

1) Poorly designed organizational structures within government;

2) Wrongly motivated individuals (highly correlated with the first point); and

3) Ineffective oversight of all levels of government (unaccountability).

The problems are really quite simple. They only seem complex because they are buried beneath the façade of government, much like the plumbing system so vital to make our taps run is buried behind the walls or underground.”


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