Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite (June 7, 2021)

Mending the Flag, Healing the World by Andy Bilik is a non-fiction political work that proposes a new paradigm to resolving the crisis in contemporary democracies, starting with Canada. In this book, the author examines what is broken in today’s political machinery and offers surprising answers to the question: Can democracy be redesigned to work for everyone? Andy Bilik proves that the systems of governments determine who we are, identifies flaws in contemporary democracies, and shows readers the way forward for an effective overhaul that creates a system of democracy that works for everyone while addressing the most complex issues facing humanity. Using Canada as an example, Bilik provides compelling arguments and invites readers and leaders into an engaging discussion.

Mending the Flag, Healing the World is well-researched and littered with historical facts as well as contemporary realities. The author offers social and political commentaries, exploring some of the major shifts in democracy and identifying key moments of crisis, including the rise of Putin to power in Russia and the Trump conundrum in the USA. While many people lose faith in our democracies, the author believes that Democratic Restructuralism can reshape our governments. What makes this work compelling and timely are the arguments presented and the model the author proposes. Andy Bilik identifies the crucial problems affecting most democracies, including ineffective and poorly designed institutions — how the filibuster stalls American democracy is an example — individuals getting into politics with the wrong motivation, and the lack of accountability.

The author writes with unusual conviction, articulating brilliantly on a variety of topics, including the rigged payroll system, the betrayal of the indigenous peoples, the place of the military and veterans, environmental issues, and many more. The book presents the three crucial problems that require keen and immediate attention. From understanding good organizational design to addressing human nature to lessons from the American forebears, Andy Bilik indicates a path to healing and to a democracy that works for all. A cleverly written book with a message that needs to be heard by everyone interested in good governance.

American antiwar activist and former U.S. Congressional staffer interviews Andy Bilik

Had a great show on my book, hosted by Susan Lindauer. My position is apolitical but she nevertheless proved to be a gracious host (Thanks Susan!). Tune in here:

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